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Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, December 6, 2020: All loaded up with hopes and good intentions

You'll have to do your best every waking hour


Cancer, you're showing your helpless side,  like you're lacking romantic energy. You face emotions too intensely and put your heart and soul into every situation. That creates some serious tiredness on your end.

You need to see this Sunday like a challenge where you'll have to do your best every waking hour, even more so if your partner doesn't respond to your smiles or proposals the way you'd expected them to.

At least you're loaded up with hopes and good intentions, and you know that nothing bad lasts for too long. And even if it gets broken, your heart can beat as strong as it used to.

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You'll have great influences around work. You've got the best hand ready to make an interesting move, the kind that makes everyone speechless.

Your main talent is your high sense of initiative; and aside from that, someone really close is encouraging you to face new challenges on the road ahead.

Some of you will consider turning your profession upside down, plunging into a new field of expertise where you think you'll do better. Think about how you'll do things from now on if you want to carry out several activities and disciplines where you're no expert, and which will be your strengths and weaknesses.


Today's an invigorating and perhaps healing day. You'll feel some powerful energy that you'll be able to use for something you've been putting off for long, but today you'll throw all laziness out the window.

Any free time under your sleeve? Use it to walk into the kitchen and make some delicious yet balanced meals. Avoid pre-made meals you just have to heat up, because there's way too much sugar in them.

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