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Daily Horoscope for Cancer for Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Stop taking steps back and forth, and move on, Cancer


Cancer, we already know that you're classically tender, emotional and imaginative, and that makes you a very, very special lover. But it's important that you're honest, because even if you may have plenty of reasons for it all, there is only one truth. Don't back away from it, admit it.


The Daily Horoscope warns you that you shouldn't trust that extra income will show up. You're ambitious  and able to recycle yourself as often as you want in every single area.

Still, our recommendation is to stash your savings nicely away, and don't get hopeful or obsessed with extra income.


You've got a highly volatile personality, you can either feel you're at the top or the smallest smidge ever. But today you'll just shine bright! You shed confidence and self-belief. Your colleagues will watch you with pride and admiration. Take a chance and explore to see other work openings that await you real close and you're not seeing yet.


Your Horoscope warns you that this could be one of those days when you jump from laughing out loud to crying your heart out. It's okay, let yourself flow with it and show your feelings.

Lucky numbers for Cancer

Cancer, your lucky numbers for Wednesday, April 6, are: 6, 7, 9, 23.

Compatibilities for Cancer

Cancer, look into your compatibilities for today in love, friendship and work:

Tip for Cancer

If a Cancer falls in love with you, consider that a privilege, because there won't be a more passionate love.

Cancer Celebrities

Here are three celebrities born under Cancer, just like you:

- Nancy Reagan, Former First Lady of the United States born in New York, United States, on July 6, 1921

- Estée Lauder, businesswoman born in Corona, New York, on July 1, 1906

- Geoffrey Rush, actor born in Toowoomba, Australia, on July 6, 1951

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