Cancer Tuesday on a sky background with shooting stars

Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, April 6, 2021: You're happily letting your inner garden grow

There's a world out there beyond your usual acquaintances


Cancer, you feel like a self-reliant person today,  but also kind of disconnected from family and friends. Today it'll be hard for you to have conversations, and you'll be happier if you can let your inner garden grow.

If you're in a relationship, you should listen to the other person, because they've got something important to say. In a way, they'll show you that there's a world out there beyond your usual acquaintances, although there might be some disadvantages to travel around it.

Have a proper chat with your romantic interest if you're single. Having a platonic crush could be fun when you're a teenager, but now's not the time to waste your days away swimming in a sea of sighs and hearts.

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You feel comfortable around work again,  in a way you hadn't felt for weeks. You know that there's well-meaning individuals around you, people ready to pat you on the back whenever you need it the most.

You need to stay on that track for sure. Try to be optimistic about every life experience you have, even the most complex ones.

If you've just started at a new job, you'll be nervous enough to make mistakes, even important ones. Keep your eyes wide open to avoid messing up again.


If you need help, ask for it right away  and don't hesitate. No one can live their life without asking someone else for help at some point, so forget about shame and embarrassment.

Your balance will be pretty good, and you'll be the star of solo sports. Spicy food could make your stomach upset, so consider keeping a packet of antacids close to you.

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