Cancer Horoscope Saturday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, September 5, 2020: You're just as worthy as everyone else

Try to minimise the fear of new responsibilities


Cancer, be very mindful of your words today.  Your head's all over the place, and you could make silly yet serious mistakes, such as for instance, calling your partner by someone else's name (your previous partner, for example).

If you're still single, your latest date could see this mess-up as a direct affront to their dignity, and when that happens, neither the truth or the most wonderful excuse of them all would save you from a heavy storm.

In any case, people around you will give you strange glances today; they feel your thoughts and attitude aren't clear, as if you were trying to hide away valuable information. And not even your intuition is a trustworthy guide on what steps to make.

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You're so ready to make money and a fortune  out of the blue. You'll analyse the latest work proposals you've received, and assess the strengths and weaknesses of each of them. The truth is, it isn't simple, because each of them has added responsibilities.

Make your experience and baggage seen, and try to minimise the fear of new responsibilities. Ask some colleagues around you for insight from their point of view. Sometimes a smaller job is more interesting because it can become quite the interesting professional showcase.

On the other hand, improve communication both with workmates and clients. There's no issue that should be left out of the table if there's politeness in the air.

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Whatever insecurities pile up in your stomach will become quite heavy this Saturday. It's time to think of a way to get rid of them forever.

You need to understand that you're just as worthy as everyone else, both intellectually and physically. Fortunately for all of us, we're all different and diverse. Our personal traits make us unique.

Some of you will experience stress-induced hormonal imbalance, but it won't be too serious.