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Cancer Horoscope - Friday, March 5, 2021: You'll shake off some of your insecurities

There's plenty of tenderness and connections coming


Cancer, there's plenty of tenderness and connections coming over as the weekend starts to peek its face around. It can be said that, today more than ever before, love is in the air, and you've got a fresh, brand-new natural beauty on you.

It's important that you focus on one single romantic goal, having too many open ends is not good. Avoid lying, even little white lies, because only the truth will bring full-on satisfaction.

In the same way, you're shaking off some of your insecurities, and as a single crab native, you'll reopen the doors to your heart for anyone interested in coming in. Just because one story didn't end well isn't enough of a reason to avoid love altogether.

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You've lost your way around work and your moves have changed. You think you're doing really well, but you feel like you're not being appreciated like you should. Is it really worth it to do your best if someone else is going to take credit?

The answer is final: yes. Keep working strong, because your chances at going further in the career ladder are coming closer and closer every day.

Besides, you've recently been encouraged and lovingly praised by some people who are important and bordering on model-like for you. You're on the good track, it's not worth it to take one step back or run away into a different path.


You can't afford a mopey Friday.  If that's the case, the people who want you to feel down will take advantage of that and make you even weaker. Don't do them that favour.

You'll have a constant state of good health, and you should pay attention to your diet. Your latest excess is still present on those numbers on the scale; if you spend some time in the kitchen, you'll realise there's plenty of healthy and flavourful dishes to make.

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