Cancer Horoscope Sunday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, July 5, 2020: Make the most of human connections

You'll feel like things seem to be fixing themselves


Things will be pretty good in love, Cancer,  even if there's been a crisis point in your relationship over the last few days (or weeks). You'll feel like things seem to be fixing themselves, and with just a little effort the Sun will shine bright for you once again.

Make the most of human connections and find a solution to a delicate issue you've had with friends. Get in other people's shoes and you'll see the world differently; you'll come to understand plenty of things.

Are you taking your first baby steps into a relationship? Then, you should stay faithful to that person who could be on your side for years. Stop going on secret dates; if you need a contingency plan, it's because the main road isn't the right path for you.

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This Sunday you'll be pretty demanding at work and you won't like mediocrity. You'd like to stand out but you won't progress as much as you'd like (or it won't be as easy as you expected it to).

It'll be a day filled with obstacles which will gradually disappear. Only by actually getting down and doing some work will you be highly praised.

Caution will be a key factor in your finances. Watch your expenses closely, and think about every single purchase you make. You feel like being generous to your family and friends, getting them a spot at various dinners and events, but... how far can you go on and still afford it?


Your mind will become a tangled mess.  You don't know how to focus and someone near will have to get you back down to Earth. At least you'll have your emotional intelligence to keep your nervousness in check.

Over the weekend it'll be hard for you to escape your commitments. You'll go to excess with eating and drinking, and you'll promise yourself that you'll take better care of your body from tomorrow on, as the week begins.