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Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, January 5, 2021: Protect your individual lifestyle

Always keep your own personality on top


Cancer, you're extremely satisfied in love,  but sometimes there's fear and doubt in your mind. You feel like the fact of having a partner is making you lose your own identity, like you're opening up the doors to that secret garden that only you used to tread.

It's mighty fine that you share likes and habits with your partner, but you should always keep your own personality on top. There's things that you can do together, and others that should concern no one but you.

If you're single, the ideal thing for you would be to boost your natural beauty. There'll soon be a person with the right set of values and a kind heart that you'll be able to woo.

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The stars encourage you to seriously think about your future. 2020 has been a tough year, and it taught you that you always need a trick up your sleeve if things get harsh. That's why, and following the moral of the classic children's tale, you should be more of an ant and less of a grasshopper.

Keep away a part of your profits somewhere it won't slip away unless there's an emergency, and divide the space in between each fun activity. No matter how much you think there's nothing to be worried about, there's always a turn of events somewhere.

You'll be able to learn some valuable lessons from someone close who wasted away their savings in the past, and now mopes about not bringing out a more conservative side on time.


You wanted January to come so that there'd be a fresh gust of air restoring your energy,  but you've seen that life is just the same.

You usually stock up on all bad vibes around you. Why not protect yourself with a pink quartz pendant? It's one of the magic stones overlooking your sign.

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