Cancer Horoscope for Friday

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, February 5, 2021: Honesty will be your best policy to succeed

You're fully confident with who you are


Cancer, you're fully confident with who you are  and where you're currently standing in life. Therefore, you've got no hesitation to sort out any doubts you need to clear for your family, partner or latest fling. You know that honesty will be your best policy to succeed.

You won't act as the defender of impossibles around life. You'll admit to your latest mistakes, and in the same way, you'll point to those of other people's without judging them excessively.

As far as married couples go, the stars encourage you to try new things out to get rid of routine. This could mean taking a trip together somewhere you don't know, or doing some cultural or sports activities.

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Bring back your old notepad from back in the day  where you used to write down every single ambitious project of yours, those money-making ideas you were ashamed to share out loud. Some of them could be turned into reality now that you're more experienced and wiser.

In the same way, make a note of every money-making thought that comes to mind at the most unexpected of times, whether it comes while you're under the shower or right after your nap. For every four or five crazy ideas, there's probably a great one hiding out.

Don't burn your credit card all the way with excessive online or phone shopping, and make sure that the shops you trust for your purchases have full and updated security certificates.


Sometimes you can be too shy with health. To avoid complaining out loud, you skip on some issues you've got going on in delicate areas of the body such as your teeth, feet or nails.

You hate showing your weak side, but... Do you even think everyone's extremely healthy every single day? Defeat your fear of discussing illnesses, as intimate as they may occasionally get.

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