The Cancer sign surrounded by stars

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, December 5, 2020: Don't get obsessed with money

You'll see someone highly attractive from up close


Cancer, your star arrangement is leaving you at the mercy of marital storms.  You'll have to double your attentions after your partner's long-term dragging of frustration, a natural consequence after several examples of conflicting lifestyles.

Some of you will consider to end the marriage for good because you believe that's all you could do, but you should take some time to reflect before taking a step further into divorce territory.

If you're single you'll see your love life getting exciting. This Saturday, you'll see someone highly attractive from up close, and they'll have a beautiful smile you won't forget. Avoid saying what you think the other person wants to hear. Be authentic from the get-go.

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You've got ideas flowing free around your mind, and you're kind of obsessed about money-making.  You're constantly thinking about chances to close deals, even when you're on a break or doing something with your family or friends.

Besides, your ideas aren't exactly new or the best path towards success. You need to be truly innovative. Don't let your ego lead you into making poor choices and be objective with yourself.

This will be a creative day if you work in literature, teaching, philosophy or journalism. The muses of inspiration will visit you when you least expect it, so make good notes of whatever they tell you.


Your self-esteem is doing just fine, but you could go one step further and praise yourselfin front of the mirror. Boost your gifts and love yourself constantly.

Bring out the best in your looks and natural beauty, and you'll get additional confidence in every area of your life.

In order to protect your lungs, try to stay away from areas clouded in smoke from factories or cars, and while you're at it, keep yourself far from friends that are heavy smokers.

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