Cancer Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, August 5, 2020: Passion is running deep through your veins

The stars promote the creation of a warm, positive environment


Cancer, you're dreaming of a great love story,  passionate and exclusive, worthy of a fairytale like the ones you used to hear when you were little. And you can rest assured because your wish could be closer to coming true than ever before.

If you're already living with your partner, the stars promote the creation of a warm, positive environment; creativity will promote the fires of passion in your relationship. You'll know how to escape routine and responsibilities to love each other passionately.

If you're single, passion's running deep through your veins but you'll be seriously tempted by the taste of forbidden fruits. You'll look at people who are already in their own relationships, or who are unreachable in any way.

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There's many more chances that you make money out of your job: growth is just at close reach if your perspective is the right one.

But what's going on here? Pessimism takes the wheel of your Wednesday; you think it's impossible to improve your work conditions, or to get a raise or a more convenient schedule.

Gradually enough, you'll come back to reality and wake up from that foul dream where you've fallen, and where you think that you don't deserve to enjoy the best things in life. Find new chances to make a fortune for yourself, and don't forget there's a gorgeous world out there where you can shine.

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Watch your diet intake and quality if you don't want your body to go wild; today you'll feel highly tempted to snack in between meals. Would you be able to write down on a notebook every time you eat something out of place and the time when you eat it?

Try not to have too much of a rushed day if you're recovering from a medical intervention; there's no need for you to relapse.