Cancer Monday on a sky background with shooting stars

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, April 5, 2021: Live out your love under an objective, present hue

Love your partner for who they are


Cancer, Monday is definitely not simple,  and you won't be an exception to that rule. You're starting out the week with a bit of a foul mood on you, and if you don't keep it in check, you could be disrespectful to your partner or family with hurtful comments.

The stress of work comes home with you at the end of the day, and that might be because you don't know how to delegate. Do you think the boat will capsize and sink if you're not there? Not at all! None of us is essential in this life.

It's not a good idea to try and make your partner change certain behaviour patterns because of your own preferences and criteria. You made that mistake in the past. Love your partner for who they are, not what they could become, and live out your love under an objective, present hue.

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There's job interviews coming up over the next few days, so get yourself all pumped up to boost your CV and prepare meetings with Human Resources managers. You've got a chance to change tracks, both if you're looking for a job or trying to change your current one.

Needless to say, you should only include real data that can be fact-checked, because, in this day and age, liars are caught really quickly. Many interviewers ask questions with the sole purpose of finding out if the person before them is telling the truth.


You need to keep in check allergy sources  (animals, certain foods...), because this Monday you could get in a bit of a pickle.

In all other news, today you'll find out that your tiredness has gone, and you could set a new personal best if you're in a sports competition. Your plasticity will stand out, but if you're reckless no one and nothing would save you from an injury, not even the blessings of your Horoscope.

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