Cancer Horoscope Sunday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, October 4, 2020: Work to keep your business alive and dynamic

You're entitled to demand that the universe does its best


Cancer, you're embracing your frivolous, shallow side today. You'll judge things based on their external looks, not their contents. And you'll be highly critical, and even a bit harsh as well.

You might think that it's okay just this one time, and that you're entitled to demand that the universe does its best, in the same way that you take care of yourself and get well-groomed and pampered.

With this whole appearance game, you might be letting go people who can give you a lot in life at many levels, and not just because you like the way they dress or how they smile. Don't be impulsive, especially if you're currently single. The most beautiful thing a person can possess is their soul, not their body.

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You should budget a bit better and get organised, and follow the budgets you've already mapped out. Find some free time this Sunday to get your accounts all set up, and while you're at it, look at some of your latest expenses. You'll find things that don't really fit.

Being rigorous should be your main goal for the day as well as the next few ones, but you need to work hard for it to come into your heart and never leave again.

In the same way, make an effort to keep your business alive and dynamic, and only then will your professional horizon be able to root strongly into the future.

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This Sunday you could experience severe migraines,  especially if you've had them at some other points in time.

Any and all healthcare and hygiene measures you take will be gladly welcome; also, you should avoid excessively salty or sweet meals in your diet.

Try having dinner a little earlier to have at least a three-hour span between your last meal and bedtime; that way, you'll have a much nicer sleep.

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