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Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, March 4, 2021: Your weaknesses will boost your charm

There's more communication and intimate fun coming


Cancer, if you're taken, there's more communication and intimate fun coming, although it'll be hard to pair up pleasant moments with an intense family life and plenty of kids to take care of at the halfway point of the week.

If you're single, you're coming into the weekend with a much more comfortable position; for the time being, you're not even thinking of commitment.

Is it because of everything that's happening outside that you're not as willing as usual to meet new people? You'll feel you're less stressed up. Is this bad? Not at all, because it'll make you even more of a charming, sensible individual.

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You need to control that bossy side  of yours; you've woken up ready to organise everyone else's lives, arrange what each person has to do with their money, and give away advice that no one even asked for, as interesting as it may be.

As a team leader, you might become too arrogant for comfort, and clash with your most trusted colleagues or most hard-working employees.

Take some of your time to set your finances straight and make sure that your most expensive belongings (such as your car or your home) are in the right condition.


Your urinary tract is not doing well,  and if you feel discomfort when using the bathroom, don't hesitate to get an appointment with your doctor to get a proper assessment and diagnosis.

Your body's sending you signs whenever something goes wrong, and it is usually said that prevention is better than the cure. You'll have a packed schedule and not too much time for sport, so it's a matter of playing around with time and find a space where you can exercise.

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