Cancer Horoscope Saturday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, July 4, 2020: Wellness comes after sense of humour

You'll find a special connection with your partner and feel truly appreciated


Cancer, your eyes are filled with magnetic energy  this Saturday. Thus, you'll catch the attention of anyone you want, although you're also running the risk of attracting people in whom you aren't interested at all. Use your seduction power wisely.

You'll find a special connection with your partner and feel truly appreciated. Pretty words will be the norm for the day, although passion will be a little absent.

If you're single, the stars encourage you to avoid starting a romance if there's more sex and less love with the person you're seeing. Your love story won't go any further if it's purely focused on the flesh. Your heart needs more than that.

You'll get good news about your family. Someone will announce a wedding (or a baby on the way).

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You should think about whether you really are doing everything you can to improve your work conditions. Analyse your situation and you'll see that deep down you've got a conforming attitude, and you're expecting others to fight for what truly belongs to you while you keep your arms crossed.

You'll get advice on how to make your finances grow. Someone who's more experienced and wiser than you will give you valuable lessons you should put into practice right away.

And finally, be careful with online shopping, because you'll be weak this Sunday and you could spend too much money, more than you could afford to.


Poor bowel movements could hit your health hard.  In any case, don't force your body if you've got trouble in the toilet to avoid creating even more of an issue than what you've already got. Bring some extra fiber into your diet, and drink more water.

Your wellness will be tightly connected to your good mood. Some of your rivals will try to get you riled up just because, and you'll have to be strong enough to ignore them. Silly arguments won't be your best bet.