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Cancer Horoscope Monday, January 4, 2021: Stay true to your speech, keep your promises

Avoid mixing in affection and love with other feelings


Cancer, you might mistake feelings and emotions today. That way, perhaps you notice that what you were feeling towards someone who recently came into your life wasn't love in itself, but a sort of worship instead. You're fascinated and physically attracted to them, but your heart doesn't jump when you hear their voice.

The key for you is to avoid mixing in affection and love with other feelings, such as fascination; you don't need to rethink your whole life! Everything should stay the way it's been so far.

If you're in a relationship, the stars will make you a little less prone to helping out in house chores and family duty. Stay true to your word and keep your promises!

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The protection from someone who's in power will be evident around workYour day will be a little easier than that of some of your colleagues, and so you could create a slight feeling of jealousy and envy.

You'll get a chance to make some interesting investments, especially if you work on locomotion. Although not immediate, there'll be an important payment coming on.

Analyse which important expenses you're supposed to have over the next few days, and make sure that there's plenty to share from your bank account. That way, you'll be free from fines and other extra charges.


You'll have a pretty good health tone today. In fact, your wellness has a bigger influence from the stars than from love and work.

You won't have to worry too much, and if you're expecting results from certain tests, there's nothing to be worried about because your doctor's news will be positive.

Thus, you should try to live life at your own pace. You could even skip the diet a teensy bit to celebrate your latest achievements.

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