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Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, February 4, 2021: Avoid foods that are too high in sugar

You feel a strong need to communicate in your relationships


Cancer, you feel a strong need to communicate  when it comes to your relationships. You're tired of keeping quiet about your feelings, what your heart needs, and you'll set everything straight once and for all. You want to sort out that issue that renders you sleepless at night.

With a bit of extra talent you'll smooth out the roughest edges, you'll make your partner trust you more, and you'll forget those past stories that make you doubtful.

You might be too talkative for comfort today. You won't measure your words the right way, and your speech might make the other person bored, including your main interest. That's why you should avoid frills and go straight to the point.

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There'll be good connections around work  and you'll be able to bury the hatchet with that colleague that you faced on a subtle speech battle. You need to understand that anyone could have a rough day every now and then, and that day it was their turn.

This first Thursday in February won't be the best time to run financial risks, no matter how much influence you're getting from some people in your field of expertise. It's way too easy to make the wrong choice, especially in an area you're not especially great at.

You should watch your wallet closely, because your spending is outstanding. You might feel bad if you let a juicy deal go by, even if it's an item you don't necessarily need.


It's time to bid farewell to sweet treats  such as factory-made baked products. You often feel the need to eat these foods which don't help your wellness or your body at all.

Whenever you're out on the supermarket, take a close look at the ingredients of every single item in your trolley. You'll see there's too many high-sugar foods, ranging all the way from soft drinks and yoghurt to ready-made meals or juice packs.

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