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Cancer Horoscope - Friday, December 4, 2020: Your fitness level is put to the test

Use the weekend to find happiness in other areas


Cancer, you're doubtful as a single about your latest flings. You're tired of sending and receiving messages on social networks or your phone with someone you like, but they just don't seem to feel like having a date with you.

There's always an excuse in the middle: they've got family issues, they've got work to do, they're tired... There's obviously interest from you in this, but is there really an interest on the other side? You're starting to feel there's something wrong, like you're being played around with. You feel like a contingency. Use the weekend to find happiness in other more honest areas.

In married couples, you'll know how to swoosh away any dark clouds and empower silver linings. You'll taste gorgeous pleasures, and you'll put away any person or circumstance standing in the way of your happiness.

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You're being given new responsibilities at work. Before saying yes, enter negotiations for the conditions, and whether there's a raise included in the deal. You should be particularly attentive to whether you're being assigned tasks with skills that you aren't good at.

On the other hand, consider getting a traditional metal money box where you can put in the money, but not take it out at the slightest chance. Find yourself a goal, a trip that you want to go on, or a luxury item that you're dreaming about which motivates you to keep together a portion of your income.

It's all a matter of keeping things in perspective and quitting shopping for unnecessary items. Take a look at your wardrobe! There's probably clothes in there that you bought but never even wore in the first place.


Your fitness level is put to the test! You'll have to do things you didn't expect, like having to run behind the bus to catch it on time, or moving around extremely heavy furniture.

This will encourage you to lead a healthier lifestyle from now on, because you can feel you're rusting out.

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