Cancer Horoscope for Sunday

Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, April 4, 2021: You'll be an essential source of support to friends

You're highly appreciative of affection


Cancer, you'll be blessed this weekend  by Venus' love, and you'll enjoy a calm Sunday filled with love and understanding with your partner. You won't even have to express your wishes openly, because the other person will make them happen with their sharpened sixth sense.

You're highly appreciative of affection, touch, hugs and physical contact. If it were up to you, today time would stop in place, everything around you two would freeze, and you'd stay right there and then.

If you're single, you'll bump into someone who will fill your void with their sweet glance, and butterflies will fly around your belly at a speed and intensity you had completely forgotten about.

Besides, you'll be an incredible friend who will support someone who's going through heartbreak, or a painful moment in their life.

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You'll feel it getting hard to go to work.  You think Sunday was made for breaks, although in this day and age there's more and more professionals earning a living from their sweat and pain throughout the whole weekend.

Since it's the first few days of the month and you want your finances to stay afloat, you might consider slipping in a motivational note into your wallet that encourages you not to spend out of boredom.

You're at a time when whims keep rolling in one after another, and if you're too tempted, you'll end up with a big financial gap in the long run.


Balance is your weakness today, so don't go for complex activities and pay full attention to where you're stepping, because there's plenty of steps and slips on your path that could make you trip and fall.

In the same way, forget about moving processes, or great efforts where you've got to load up a lot of weight, because accidents are not meant to happen. But rest assured, because this is just temporary, and tomorrow you'll start your week off feeling stronger than ever.

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