Cancer Horoscope Saturday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, October 31, 2020: The truth is what's best for your heart

Keep everything under a layer of authenticity


Cancer, it's not okay to cheat in love if you want your relationship to be full of bliss and happiness. The stars encourage you to keep everything under a layer of authenticity, and to avoid saying compliments that you don't feel true, or make promises which you don't really know you'll fulfill.

The truth is what's best not just for your heart, but for your other half as well. In that sense, don't pretend to be interested in something you don't really like just to get closer to your beloved if you're single and unattached.

Things might not be as okay as you'd want them to, but be patient before you take a plunge into an apparently dry and dull story.

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When it comes to workavoid arguments even if your dignity hides. Conflict will bring nothing but more fighting and arguing afterwards, and the Horoscope points out that you've got more chances to lose than to win.

You'll have to double-check your shopping list if you want to keep up your current financial status. Don't you think there's too many unnecessary things or items that you could consider as whims?

Try to be more pragmatic and stay on a basic level. Besides, there shouldn't be any more going shopping on an empty stomach, because impulse will be harder to keep in check then.

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The news you watch on TV are harmful,  and they make you seriously concerned about your health. So far, you've been protected by the stars, so you can relax and remain at ease for the time being.

Loving home cleaning is definitely good, as long as the fear of viruses or dirt doesn't become an obsession.

Did you know that, if you mix up cleaning products, you could experience health issues because of gas inhalation? Always read instructions first.

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