Cancer Horoscope Friday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, July 31, 2020: Don't set boundaries on your imagination

Children's education and the household budget will be your main concerns


Cancer, being bold is the norm of your life. Many of you will finally dare to take that leap you need in love and will open up to the person that makes you crazy, that keeps you counting hours on end to be able to see their eyes and their smile.

You'll think about the best way to tell them how you feel; whether to use your most romantic and calculating side or if it's best to just let go and experience beautiful sensations as things unfold naturally. And you know what's best about this? You aren't afraid of rejection.

As far as married couples go, children's education and organising the household budget will be your main concerns, and you won't give too much room to breathe to your partner. Talk it over because there's some upsetting news they need to share.

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Even if the weekend is almost here, don't put off for later finding solutions to your problems around work.

You keep thinking that everything can wait until Monday, that you can improvise and you'll find a way to change your path. That's a mistake! Make good use of your skies' influence to seriously tackle on a serious issue, because you're in for great success if you do.

Be cautious around someone who's more powerful than you, whether in your own company or the competition; you'll need to make sure their authority doesn't make you feel less worthy.

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You need to move around, you can't stay still in one place. It's time to channel that excess energy to avoid falling prey to hyperactivity.

In a way, the more activities you think about trying out this last Friday of July, the happier you'll be, so unleash your imagination to the fullest!