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Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, December 31, 2020: Finish off your year with a smile

Promise you won't ever trip over the same stone again


Cancer, you need to expel your inner demons.  Stop thinking you don't deserve happiness, and stop assuming you can do nothing but take the wrong steps in the path towards happiness. Sometimes you make your partner or family upset just because you see life under a constant jet black shade, not because you do wrong.

Try to finish off your year with a smile. Forget about playing the victim, and if you've made serious mistakes, take a step forward, admit to them, and promise you won't ever trip over the same stone again.

Some of you will bid farewell to 2020 with a new romantic hope over the horizon, although there isn't many people who know about it. You should admit that you enjoy having some mystery surrounding your romantic feelings.

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You'll feel there's plenty of uses for your willpower and desire to overcome yourself. You'll end up discovering you're able to bring forward projects that not many people would have expected you to complete. You embrace change and new things, and you're hoping that 2021 will be filled with nothing but good news.

You'll have a high level of adaptation, there's more career mobility coming on, and you're thinking about making a future for yourself in a different city (or even country).


Try to take better care of your looks.  Neglect is starting to befriend the lack of self-love that's inside you, and that's why the reflection you find in the mirror isn't exactly pleasant.

Try to do a beauty ritual every single day that improves your looks and boosts your natural beauty. Those of you who are boldest will consider a makeover straight away to bring 2021 with a strong step in.

At a first glance, you won't be experiencing any serious health issues, but you shouldn't take your body to the limit or stay up too late, too often.

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