The Cancer sign

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, November 30, 2020: Learn to appreciate incoming praise

This Monday was made for you to enjoy to the absolute fullest


Cancer, show a big grin across your face,  because this Monday was made for you to enjoy to the absolute fullest. There's good moves and vibrations around your love life. The stars will allow you to breathe in some fresh air after a crisis point in your relationship.

You've grown into a very peaceful person, able to take importance off issues. You're well aware that life is too short, and you don't want to mope around or ruin your own time left on Earth.

Besides, Venus will break apart the loneliness of singles. You'll manage to snatch some tender yet sensual dates. You'll love yourself better, feel happier about who you are, and the skills you've got.

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Pay closer attention to detail,  because the slightest little mistake could tear down a highly successful project that you've currently got going on. Stay wide awake and check things twice before moving on to another issue.

Your professionalism will allow you to climb the career ladder and get acknowledged more often. In that sense, you should learn to receive praise. Sometimes, your humility is one sharp, blunt weapon hitting your self-love hard.

Since the week (and practically the next month) is starting, you should create some good budgets for the daily expenses about to kick in.

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Music will be a healing tool  if you're going through a stressful period, whether it is through an album of your favourite band, or because you're skilled enough to play an instrument, and you bring out your inner rage by playing (or composing) a piece.

Whatever choice you make, you'll enjoy having time to yourself, and you'll stimulate your mind while you're at it. To have a more relaxed day, avoid coffee or other stimulating drinks.

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