Cancer Horoscope Thursday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, July 30, 2020: Things are beginning to look simpler

You can feel there's some interesting variations at work


Your mind's sending you into paradise and the stars will protect you as you get there. You're taking one step forward, and entering a stage of marital bliss.

What's the inner whim your partner has that you haven't made true yet? Make sure you do anything you can to start reaching for glory. How about getting them a nice surprise and making them smile? Right now they're hurt inside, but they haven't felt ready to share with you yet.

If you're still a single Cancer, you'll get the best chances to meet real love; you'll get closer to what is true, solid and lasting. Don't let that train pass by when it's in front of you.

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You can feel there's some interesting variations at work;  things change and they're starting to look simpler, numbers and income stay on a steady track, and you're starting to save up in order to get yourself some nice things in the near future.

Here's some advice: try to be measured when opening up your wallet, and be especially mindful of the family budget. Listen to anyone that encourages you to be more sensible.

If you're assigned to do the weekly grocery shopping, you might go off the rails when putting things into your trolley. Keep your impulse in check by making a concise list of what you actually need.


Today will be a hard day if you're kind of addicted to new technologies. You'll feel distressed if you forget your phone home, and even more so if it breaks down out of the blue.

It might be time to get this situation sorted out, for instance, by restricting your hours of use; don't let machines become more powerful than your mind.