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Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, August 30, 2020: You'll be naturally talented at patience

Your skies have a strong influence as far as work life goes


Sunday will be a long, tedious day for those Cancernatives in relationships where depth and honesty aren't the norm; in the same way, there'll be arguments in budding romances. You still have way much to know about one another!

You're making a strong bet on life, you'll go with an honest front ahead and show your moves; it isn't that you were hiding them away, but maybe they were more on the subtle side, being considered less important than they should be.

As far as marriages go, only open conversation will sort out the current conflicts. Avoid asking your friends or family to take sides and mediate in your fights, because all that will do is drag into the shade all the places where the Sun can shine bright.

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Your skies have a strong influence as far as work-life goes, and you'll be naturally talented at patience. Those situations that make your partners yell in impatience and powerlessness, you sort them out, even if it takes longer than it should.

Use every minute of your day, avoid arguments that lead nowhere, and ignore that classic workmate that thinks they are the sole possessor of the truth, whose criteria are more outstanding than others'.

On the other hand, don't be a consumerism-driven native. Find some fun plans to do if you're off work this Sunday, but always watch your finances!

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Everything will be fine as far as health and physique goes. To avoid overflowing your nervous endurance, stay away from stimulating drinks such as coffee, tea or alcohol. It's so healthy to drink water whenever you're thirsty!

Doing sports would help you channel that excess energy; in that sense, you'll benefit more from individual practices such as swimming, cycling or even lifting weights.

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