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Your Daily Cancer Horoscope for Monday, October 3rd, 2022

Use all your skills to address and handle key questions, Cancer


Cancer, today you'll have a strong and determined personality to discuss a sensitive issue. Your partner will thank you for being able to talk about it like two responsible adults. It's time for you to put the matter behind you and focus your thoughts on other subjects of more relevance.

The resolution will be refreshing for your passion and your relationship.

If you're single, you'll be hopelessly attracted to an individual  you've just met. He or she is in the same business as you and has a lot to teach you.

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The Daily Horoscope recommends that at the beginning of this week you stay away from the most high-street shopping. If you feel helpless to overcome temptations by relying solely on your willpower, make more drastic decisions.

Remember that  if you can't see it, your heart will pretend it doesn't exist. So you will suffer considerably less for not being able to get what you'd like to buy.


Your Horoscope rightly predicted a few weeks ago that you'd accept a job that seemed exciting. And all that because a colleague would persuade you to do it. However, you're beginning to see that the assignment is too much for you and the project is completely floundering.

Admit you weren't ready  to take those responsibilities and you'll have enough leeway.


You may be  feeling a little frustrated and overwhelmed with how this Monday has been going, Cancer. There's still time to call your friends, have a couple of beers, and laugh your head off. Close out the day in style.


The Daily Horoscope doesn't want to frighten you, but your mental state will be disturbed by negative memories. You have a chance to get rid of them and cleanse yourself  of the bad energies that surround you. Don't accept them as inevitable that will get into your head whether you want them to or not.

Fight them and assert yourself by thinking of all the blessings you have in the present.