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Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, March 3, 2021: You'll reflect deeply upon the subject of faithfulness

End any love games you've got going around


Cancer, to reach a good destination in love, there's no reason to cheat,  just like you wouldn't do so in ludo or chess. Feelings are no games to be played, and you should respect the rules that have been set up for everyone by everyone.

In fact, if you're not outright honest with the person you're supposed to love, don't you see this could be a form of self-lies? Aren't you signing up for a death sentence on your own relationship? In that sense, it's time to end any love games you've got going around.

If you're single, you'll also reflect on the subjects of faithfulness and loyalty, and you're definitely sure of what you'll want in your new relationship. It'll be a relatively cheery Wednesday, but not as complex as you think it will.

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There'll be a polite vibe around work,  and mindless conversation could mean the birth of interesting ideas you shouldn't let slide into oblivion. However, later on you should credit any and all colleagues that were part of the creation of any future projects.

Don't trust what you see priced at a quite attractive number, especially when it comes to online shops. Scams are quite the norm this day and age, and what might seem like a bargain could end up having too high a price.

Some of you will start saving up for those much-deserved holidays; you might not be able to go on your dream getaway this year, but putting money away is never a bad idea.


In order to give your dishes a healthy and unique twist, replace meat with protein-rich vegetable items,  such as soy, tofu or chickpeas.

You'll have a regular pace without too many surprises, and a good dose of willpower to avoid straying off the good path.

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