Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, January 3, 2021: Someone out there could change your life

You could come across a feeling that makes you settle down


Cancer, your heart beats at its own pace  and writes out new rules as it grows. Not even you feel you can keep it in check and tie it down in place. Then, how about letting yourself go and feeling powerful and free?

If you're single, today you could come across a feeling that makes you settle down for good. You should admit that you're tired of being a loner, no matter how much fun you may have without having to explain yourself. There's someone out there who could change your life... Will you let them in?

If you're currently in a relationship, there's no time-wasting allowed; you're so confident, you might even let the chance to take things further slide. Tenderness and strong connections will take the wheel.

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Today you'll be getting some privileged intel about changes about to happen around work. Although they won't be effective for the time being, it'll let you know where you should be aiming your next move.

In some cases it'll be a change in the board of directors, and in others, bringing in a new colleague with whom you'll have to work hand in hand (and who should be perceived as an ally, not a rival).

If you need to carry out financial duty today but you're lacking the time, don't hesitate to ask trusted people for help.


The stars have insisted upon the fact that you're leading a risky and dangerous lifestyle, and you could end up falling off a cliff if you don't step on the breaks.

That's why today you should avoid any actions against your own well-being, from drinking or smoking all the way to sexual activities that might entail a certain amount of risk.

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