Cancer Horoscope for Wednesday

Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, February 3, 2021: Get rid of your harshness

The stars promise there's a proper romantic environment


Cancer, the stars promise there's a proper romantic environment for Wednesday under one condition: leave harshness away in a safe, or even better, throw it out into the trash. The only weapons to use today should be softness, gentleness and vulnerability.

You should admit that it's hard for you to show your real self and that you're always hiding behind a shade of fortitude that doesn't match what's going on inside your heart.

You're afraid of being seen like a romantic because you mistake affection for frailty. It's time to take a step forward. If what you're after right now is a home where stability is queen, it's go time.

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You won't have a good connection with computers or technological devices. The day could be too harsh for those that work on a computer all day; things won't be as easy or as quick to sort out as you'd like.

In the same way, treat your laptop, phone and other devices gently, because if you aren't careful enough, they could slip off of your hands. The stars are pointing out again how important it is for you to give up on being harsh.

It's okay that you try to keep your home safe and financially stable, but don't break apart your quality of life just to keep more money in the bank. Are you trying to be the richest person in the cemetery?


Don't have anything that could alter your mood  or your nerves. By this, energizing or exciting drinks are included, but there are also certain medications to be closely supervised.

On the other hand, try to include more fish in your usual diet. If you feel lazy about taking fishbones out, you should aim for lean fish like salmon, which is easily cooked inside aluminum foil in the oven. And if you pair it up with a nice salad, that'll be even better.

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