Cancer Horoscope for Saturday

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, April 3, 2021: You're learning to enjoy your own time

You're defeating your fear of loneliness


Cancer, you're defeating your fear of loneliness  and you know it's okay if you haven't got anyone special for a while. You'll do some hard reflecting today if you've gotten a divorce, and you'll feel like it was for the best.

You're learning to enjoy your own time, to do things according to nothing but your own opinion, and with no explanations afterwards. Use whatever time you find to be home alone to listen to yourself, talk out loud and make sure your strengths are fully appreciated.

You know you've got great things in you, and what comes up on the outside is just the tip of the iceberg. There's plenty more underneath (and some of it is amazing for whoever wants to see more).

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This Saturday you'll get a refreshing proposal through which you can unfold your full potential, but following a set of very strict regulations. You'll be particularly lucky if you work in technology and communicative systems.

If you're spearheading your own business, you should be in more control of your money. As the weekend comes in, you're living life large, as if you were a nobleman trying (and having) to follow every whim that comes to mind.

You should be a little more homebound so that the month that's getting started doesn't give you too many headaches.


Health is becoming a serious obsession for you,  perhaps because there's more and more news every day on TV about the worldwide health crisis that's engulfing us.

Those fears are stopping you from fully enjoying your everyday life (according to the rules and what your sixth sense says, of course).

Relax a little more and enjoy yourself! Throughout the day, your nervousness will fade and you'll let wellness take over you.

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