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Your Daily Cancer Horoscope for Saturday, October 29th, 2022

Protect yourself from what is harmful to your body, Cancer


Cancer, the Horoscope reveals that you find yourself at a crossroads where you're succumbing to indecision. It's all because of your impatience.

If you've just started a relationship, you'd better let those sentimental streams run their course. Putting pressure on the other party could result in the river overflowing.

If you're single, there's an individual in your circle who wants to set you up on a blind date. That stranger will likely surprise you. Let yourself go and don't be in opposition to whatever plans are being made.

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The Daily Horoscope states that a breakdown at home is about to ruin the effort to save that you've been making for weeks. It also warns you that it will be a problem derived from the electrical installation. If you suffer a blackout, unplug the most expensive appliances before you get the supply back.

The power surge that will bring the restoration of energy can destroy a vital appliance.


Your Daily Horoscope sees that you're being tempted with a lucrative offer. It has cost you a lot to find that stability, but you can't sacrifice it just for a handful of extra money, Cancer.

Keep your current position and in a few days, your conditions may even improve. But for that, you'll have to be less impatient and trust the word of your superiors. Hang in there.


Good news, even if it doesn't have a direct influence on you, is always a cause for celebration in your case, Cancer. A wonderful one is forming in your circle of friendships which will bring you together for a toast.


The Daily Horoscope wants you to reflect on the foods that are more convenient  for you to eat for breakfast, Cancer. You should stay away from those full of saturated fats and empty calories because your body negatively digests them.

Opt for dairy, fiber, and lots of fruit. You'll see how your energy won't run out so fast.