Cancer Horoscope Thursday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, October 29, 2020: You'll consider giving your ex a chance

Understanding and reconnection will be at close reach


Cancer, your day will be peaceful and harmonious;  you don't want the world's evils to taint your family or romantic relationships. You'll be quite permissive, and will forgive people who deserve it. It'll also be easy for you to apologise if you were the one who made a serious mistake at home.

Foul words will stay on the outside, and understanding and reconnection will be at close reach. Some of you will think about giving your ex another chance, but you should make the foundations of this new shared stage absolutely clear.

Last but not least, the stars encourage you to avoid dwelling on the past's ghosts, because they won't do you any good. Look into the present, no more, no less.

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You're trying to turn your professional life around.  Many of you will think about going back to school. Some will choose to increase your current knowledge base, while others will try to start up some studies in an area you hadn't seen at all before.

Mix up your professional efforts with politeness; good manners will bring you the best that Thursday has to offer.

And if you're out of work, it's time to dust off your contact book and start calling up old partners, family members or anyone in general that you can get in touch with. Someone will show you a new path to tread.

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Your body's doing just average today;  those of you experiencing fluid retention or bloating should take better care than usual. In that sense, you might do better by introducing more pineapple, garlic and fish into your daily menu.

You're trying to feel more useful, and to make the world a better place. You'll think about the actions that you can carry out to leave a mark on future generations.

And finally, to make the most of your day, watch your schedule closely, and don't sleep in too much (or make up any excuses to go to bed late either).