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Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, November 29, 2020: An outstanding amount of politeness

You'll be very mindful of your partner's happiness


Cancer, you'll be quite the polite individual over the course of this Sunday. You'll be very mindful of your partner's happiness, you'll bet on delicate gestures and boast a great amount of politeness and calmness in your dates.

All of this will make your partner fall even deeper in love with you, ready to follow every step you make, and to accept every single proposal that comes from you without a single complaint. Besides, you'll know how to make that peaceful environment stay around, and you'll have a natural talent at it.

If you're single, take advantage of this situation to get closer to that platonic love that seems unreachable. If you can dream it, you can do it.

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You're trying to go by unnoticed at work;  there's no need for you to have your skills praised, or to be told off about mistakes you didn't make yourself.

As far as finances go, today the stars will appoint you as a greedy or rather mean person; you're afraid of having your bank go freezing cold, and you'll measure every single instance where you might need to pay up.

Some of you will even choose to stay home just to avoid spending money, letting gorgeous meet-up plans with family or friends go, protecting yourself with the excuse that you're doing things this way to stay safe when harsher times kick in.

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Every single relaxation method will help  in making you feel better today; find the best one for your age, current physical condition and interests. It'll help you battle insomnia, back pain and many other ailments.

You'll manage to get away from that physical or mental pain that you sometimes repress until you pretend it isn't there, but it actually is, only dormant.

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