Your Daily Cancer Horoscope for Friday, July 29, 2022

Cancer, you've got to find more positive energy sources around you


Cancer, today you should spend quality time with your pets. Take your dog to an open field or the park, or play around with your cat like you used to when it was a baby.

The love we feel towards pets can be more intense and thankful than any flirt, and you can nourish your spirits with it. If there are no little fur babies around you, you might want to consider adopting some. You could change their fate in some cases.

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The Daily Horoscope insists: that you need to find more powerful energy sources than those you have now if you have them at all. Come closer to the protecting saints watching over you, and find stones that attract good vibrations. Light three lavender candles by the window, or get a small Buddhist meditation tree.

That way you'll attract positivity and good luck, and it always comes along with cash added in. Why not give your hopes a try, and materialize them into fortune, Cancer?


Your Horoscope has a day full of work and bustling projects for you. Urgent projects keep piling up on your desk like a mountain, and you'll start feeling overwhelmed.

You're not okay with getting stuck in place, you'll feel you can't breathe, and you'll feel compelled to get rid of that task pile. This will make you find energy where you thought you didn't have it. You can work under pressure, Cancer.


The Daily Horoscope can see an old ailment coming back. The Stars advise that you treat this issue cautiously. A poor, rushed move could make this ailment keep lengthening over time.

Do you remember how you sorted the issue out last time around?

You'll need to work twice as hard if you want the remedy to work again.