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Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, July 29, 2020: Consider saving up slow but steady

You'll hear some gorgeous praise from your competition

Cancer Horoscope Wednesday, 29th July 2020
Your Cancer Horoscope for Wednesday, July 29, 2020 | Magic Horoscope


Cancer, you're far from having an epic day of love, the kind you only see in movies; and what's more, your current love story is pretty worldly and routine-based, and you can feel it's missing ingredients because you want it to be truly special.

You're trying to find ways to get closer to your partner and don't want them to get away from your side. Trying to combine your professional and personal life can be a complex affair, and if you've got kids, you'll feel the strain of not finding enough time for intimacy.

If you're single, you'll feel clumsy when trying to express your feelings to the person you like; you're afraid of opening up and asking them out, and you can't think of which words to use to avoid sounding desperate and begging for love.

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This end of the month will be an uphill battle for some of you because you're awaiting your paycheck like salvation. It might be due to a lost document and it'll be your turn to get it sorted out.

You'll consider saving up a set amount of money, slow yet steady, in case one-day things take a serious turn for the worse. Like the old popular adage goes, prevention is better than the cure.

Sensibility is queen as far as work goes. You're an extremely responsible individual, and you'll hear some gorgeous praise from your competition because they respect you more than you'd think.


Nature will be a healing element for you, even more so if you want to do some outdoor sports at the beach, or near a river if you're more of a countryside and mountain type. Remember you're a water-based zodiac sign.

And watch out for the expiry date on your medications, creams and make-up products; don't use them if they've gone past that date and you think they're in shambles.


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