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Cancer Horoscope - Friday, January 29, 2021: You've got a strong sense of family ties

Use this Friday and the weekend ahead to have some meet-ups


Cancer, you've got a strong sense of family ties,  and you'd like to use this Friday and the whole weekend ahead to have some meet-ups and hug those that you haven't seen in a while. If anyone lives far, you could give them a call and get up to date with one another.

Relationships will be pretty healthy and your conversations will be fluent and interesting. However, you won't be too interested to hear your partner's demands, because their Friday is a little sour.

If you're single, you'll overcome some fears and blockage of yours. Some of you will confess your feelings to the person you've been seeing lately. You think that what you've both got going on deserves a name. Others will make the first move and ask your romantic interest for a date.

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Today's a harvest day at work.  Your sense of duty and your willingness to stay on board and work will make you eligible for extra income in your paycheck, or an improvement in your schedule. The effort you've been putting in has been so much worth it!

There's money trouble coming (but not financial). It might be that credit card or phone payment will bring you all sorts of issues.

When shopping through online apps or the Internet, make sure that the online store fulfills all legal requirements; there's a lot of foul pirates out there ready to steal your bank data.


You keep analysing time's passing closely;  you've got the feeling that you were welcoming the new year just yesterday, and February's already knocking on your door.

You'll keep overthinking about how growing old affects your wellness, but at least you'll be okay with your seasoned beauty. And remember that it's never too late for a change.

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