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Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, December 29, 2020: You'll enjoy exceptional career opportunities

You're opening up a path towards new and ambitious projects


Cancer, your mood could sour up today.  You'll enjoy predictability and routine very much, and you'll get upset if something happens out of the blue. Thus, you'll have a delicate relationship for the day, although your partner will find good tools to boost communication.

If stormy clouds are starting to fly around you, you'll have to pause and analyse the situation. Some of you will consider looking for what you've been missing for so long outside of your home.

On the other hand, if you're still ready to find love, your chances of meeting someone that makes you smile will be running high. But don't set too high an expectation; let life surprise you, and don't give your heart to the first person passing by just because they're cute.

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You'll enjoy exceptional career opportunities. This Tuesday, your success will be boosted, your goals are one step closer, and you're opening up a path towards new and ambitious projects you'd never dreamt of before.

However, the stars don't encourage you to invest in a business that lies beyond your current training and experience. Forget about bets that promise to make you a millionaire, because there are no miracles about to happen in connection to that.

And if you need extra cash, perhaps it might be time to bid farewell to some masterpieces lying around the house. They'll allow you to earn some money if you find a good buyer.


Your mood might not be at its best, but you won't let Tuesday fly by just because of that.

Consider changing around your home decoration and allowing energy to flow free, thus boosting mental rest. Did you know that too many straight lines make your home a cold, even hostile environment? In the same way, try to bring in more natural light and let the sun come through the window.

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