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Your Daily Horoscope for Cancer for Monday, August 29th, 2022

If you overcome the first contact, you'll make friends, Cancer


Cancer, you should make romantic efforts to help your relationship fit into place. Your body keeps asking more and more intensely to try an activity you're holding back from.

However, the Stars see this as a necessary step for your emotional well-being. Admitting what you feel should never make you feel embarrassed, or like you're not allowed to feel like that. We're humans, we don't have an on-and-off button to stop experiencing misplaced emotions.

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The Daily Horoscope can see that you're capable enough to run an analysis on the ugly truth of your finances. Even if you have a positive financial path, overall poor choices are starting to become too much of a risk. Assess in full objectivity whether you need to buy so much.

Do it before you see yourself patching your bank account to avoid sinking.


Your Horoscope has a question for you: who said work was about competition and surviving in the jungle?

Today you could make new friends around the workplace. As long as you give conversation a try, of course. You've barely had a few chats with colleagues, but you have a feeling that they could become so much more interesting.

It's also quite a good idea to have an ally at work, so that what you do stays safe. Defeat your shyness, and prove that they won't find a better colleague at the office.


The Daily Horoscope foresees that your family is planning an important gathering. This always makes you feel lazy, because you've got to bear with your brother-in-law. And his cousin. And many that you don't feel like seeing or hanging around. If you don't want to, say it and be honest, especially to yourself, and don't give in. Even if you feel like it's a small gesture, it will help strengthen your identity.