Cancer Horoscope Saturday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, August 29, 2020: Get yourself something really nice

Your friends and partners will give you some valuable advice


Cancer, you'd make a deal with the devil this Saturday just to cling to the back of your beloved and fly around the world together, as if you were a couple of highly requested superheroes. And although you'll feel kind of powerful, you'll also find small misunderstandings in the distance, which you'll have to dodge.

Marriage-wise, your partner will feel you're giving up on them to spend time with things that aren't as important to them as they are to you. Perhaps they feel jealous of some friends you recently made.

If you're still single, you're giving your body and soul away too soon to someone who deserves neither you nor any of them. If the story ends up shining bright, it'll be because you brought the light along with you.

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Saturday could make you highly pessimistic as far as business goes. You see work like a dark tunnel whose path to success isn't fully visible. The exit looks far-off and hard to reach, and at least for the time being, you feel trapped in place.

Do you have a solid contact network? Then start looking for help, your friends and partners will give you some valuable advice.

Avoid the temptation of requesting an express loan to soothe the storms of your finances; with the high interest involved, you'd just drown faster in the end.

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Saturday's planet transition favours your health, and if you've been going through joint pain, you'll finally see some improvements.

Still, your family and career concerns won't let you enjoy what life has in store for you to the fullest.

It'll be good if you get yourself something nice, the kind of treat that doesn't harm your savings, like taking a nice long bath in the sea or riding a bike around a natural landscape.