Cancer Horoscope Monday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, September 28, 2020: Believe in magic to keep it whole

Interact more with your partner, create a deep connection


It looks like your married life will be rich and harmonious. This Monday's a good day to interact more with your partner, create a deep connection and immediately arrange some future plans, such as a much-deserved holiday getaway, or planning out a family event.

If you know that your relationship isn't at its best, don't tackle delicate issues. All you'll do then is make crisis knock upon your door. You have to believe in magic to avoid breaking it up, Cancer.

If you're single, you could take full advantage of someone interesting who's currently hanging around. It's time to move on and stop moping about an old flame that led into a dead end. Use your growing charms!

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You've got the feeling that you're with a foot stuck on the break. You don't know how to restart the engine to make money and grow within the company. You think too much, and sometimes you even get lost whenever you're carrying out your duties.

As far as work goes, you'll get plenty of chances to do well where others miss the target, and that's when people will see how committed and hard-working you can be.

Besides, you'll be fortunate enough to use up all the chances on close reach to do things well and sow some fruits that you'll be able to reap pretty soon.

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Your social life will be your nemesis  when trying to take good care of yourself. It's easy for you to agree to having a few beers with friends; it sounds so much more attractive than, say, heading into the gym.

You'll have to find common ground between your social life and your willingness to watch your wellness. It isn't that hard!

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