Cancer Horoscope Saturday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, November 28, 2020: You'll improve your home's foundations

You'll be a good host by having a gorgeous luncheon


Cancer, your marriage will be easy and harmonious  this last Saturday in November, and you'll have a shared path to tread with no trace of fear of conflict. You'll walk ahead holding hands with the power of love pushing you through.

There's a shared goal of improving your home's foundations, and you'll be a good host by having a gorgeous luncheon with family and friends.

And if you're single, the skies boost short-lived adventures and a thirst for fun and recklessness. Your main concern will be having a blast rather than explaining your actions or finding a life partner for the long road.

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Use the weekend to reflect on real estate deals; it's easy to get tricked in this field of expertise. If you're trying to find yourself a new home, you'll have to ask around a lot to avoid facing nasty surprises in the future.

Not all that glitters is gold, and if you've found a home at a price most people would consider cheap, it's because there's something you haven't been told.

On the other hand, be very careful with keeping your belongings up to date, such as your car, or certain high-cost apparel, like your washing machine. That way, there won't be any surprises if they stop working at all.

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Your desire for life is running high, and you'll be one of the best-humoured signs. Laughter will heal your soul from any pain.

If you're going through an ailment, you won't want to pay any attention to it, and you'll lead your life relatively normally. No one and nothing will keep you under lock and key at home now that the weekend's here.

In order to make that lively spirit live longer, try to keep yourself on a constant bright note. Walk under the sun if you can, fill your home with natural light, and bet on light colours when getting dressed.