Cancer Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, July 28, 2020: Try to find a shared standpoint

Step into your partner's shoes and try to reach an agreement with them


Cancer, you'll find blocking stones in your path  this Tuesday. For starters, a family issue (the attitude from one of your kids, for instance) could cause misunderstanding and even arguments between you and your partner.

Settle down the quickness of your tongue (and even your rage); if you don't, you'll only be fueling the fires of conflict. Nagging and telling off could soon get behind the wheel and harm everyone in their path. Both of you will have to step into each other's shoes and try to reach an agreement, a shared standpoint.

And if you're single, you're ready to try out new experiences, especially some that would have made you lose your mind some time back. You know that the way you perceive love (and sex) has changed.

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Your business section is in a bit of a pickle, so you might get too overwhelmed if you've started out at a new job, or if your responsibilities have taken a shift recently.

You'll have to set a clear and concise pathway to handle your efficiency better; stay away from any incoming distractions, and don't waste time in criticising and gossiping around.

As far as finances go, you need to get a move on to face some ambitious projects; there's good chances to save money around you. All you need is trust and a little more boldness in comparison with people around you.


Today you'll have a hell of a pace ahead of you. This Tuesday won't leave you room to take a break any time you want.

Try to lead a calmer, more regular life; it's the best thing you can do for your own well-being.

Finally, embrace your physical looks and don't brag about exceptional endurance, because it might turn out to be counterproductive.