Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, January 28, 2021: Someone close will feel irresistible

You'll ask yourself plenty of questions on the meaning of life and relationships


Cancer, you assume that love is dynamic.  It's like a plant that can wilt and be reborn and blossom continuously, but you need to work on it every day so that its roots don't fully dry out.

You'll ask yourself plenty of questions on the meaning of life and relationships; you don't like the feeling of dependency that you sometimes feel in your marriage.

If you're single at the moment, you'll feel an irresistible attraction drawing you close to someone near, but you don't know what the best route is to their heart. They're sending ambiguous signs over to you; sometimes they're hot and sometimes they're cold.

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You could have gone further in your career if you weren't so deadly scared about what might be coming on. You cling on to stability and let go better chances of making more money and earning prestige. Why don't you listen to your sharpened sixth sense more often?

Those of you who usually waste time complaining about your current job should talk less and get into action. How long has it been since you last sent your CV to new companies? Have you asked influencing people for favours lately, or are you just watching life fly by?

Use networking and job websites to the max, especially if you're currently unemployed. Go to the ends of the Earth to get an interview before the week's gone.


Getting up early is simpler than you think. If you start your day earlier, and do some sport right after breakfast, you'll start seeing good results in the blink of an eye.

Also, be very cautious when you get behind the wheel, because people are losing their minds on it, and keep rushing their way through life.

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