Cancer Sunday on a night sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, February 28, 2021: Don't hand your selfish side the wheel

Your romantic relationships will be harmonious and tender


Cancer, your romantic relationships will be harmonious and tender according to the Horoscope's predictions, but this doesn't mean that you can do as you please, as if your will were the only law to be respected.

There could be some issues coming up indeed today, and if you hand the wheel over to your selfish side, you won't know how to apply healing right after the wound opens. The downsides from your personality should be dealt with swiftly. Use some of your sixth sense if you can.

If you've gone through heartbreak, you might suffer today, because you could bump into the person who deceived you whenever you least expect it.

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Your lack of sensibility (or your excessive hopes, no matter how much you want to call it) will earn you a certain amount of nagging from your managers or even your colleagues. You'll admit to the fact that there's business endeavours where you haven't done your best, and now everyone's paying the price of your mistakes.

From now on, you should fulfill your duties with a much closer look, respect budgets with enough seriousness in mind, and open your eyes and ears wide to learn from your mistakes.

You should spot the areas where you haven't done well, reflect on your actions, and row the boat again with twice as much hopes. You've still got a lot ahead of you.


Smell can often be neglected when trying to relax; in that sense, it could be interesting to try out an aromatherapy session. In order to feel better and get rid of stress, try burning some lavender or rose frankincense sticks.

Throw in some fiber-rich foods into your trolley, that's never a bad idea. It's highly important to be regular with your inner moves!

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