Cancer Horoscope Sunday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, September 27, 2020: Things will naturally unfold

There won't be any objective reasons to complain about love


Cancer, you can rest assured today; Venus will lead you down the right path because you've got its protection. There won't be any objective reasons to complain about love, regardless of whether you're taken or still single and unattached.

Everyone will see you're like a volcano filled with fire and passion. As far as married couples go, you're in for a tender and sensual stage. It'll be so beautiful, it'll be part of your memories for months on end.

If you're free and unattached, things will naturally unfold on their own, and you won't have to make anything happen. You'll be a smart cookie as far as relationships go, and you'll fight your natural tendency to be alone.

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Stay away from foul habits that break focus apart  if you're currently on any sort of degree, major or study project. This Sunday, you could give it your best if you avoid getting mentally blocked. This is also applicable for those of you preparing public exams, or for a test prior to a promotion in a company.

As far as finances go, try to make clear boundaries for personal and family budgets to avoid all sorts of future arguments.

It'll be hard for you to make every single person at home happy, especially if there's a serious generational gap.

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The stars predict that you're in for an overall good tone, and a little bit of extra energy which you could invest in working out.

Your problems when trying to feel full come from the little time you devote to eating in itself; you're always rushing everywhere, and that makes your stomach suffer. It is absolutely crucial that you chew foods thoroughly because then digestion will be much easier.

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