Cancer Saturday on a night sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, March 27, 2021: Your family will make sure you're doing well

Let your family love you and cuddle you in


Cancer, you've got a head full of birds, and some friends have even told you that you deserve something better than what you're currently experiencing in love. You've started to believe that that's absolutely the case.

Because of that (and all the inner meditation you've done inside), this Saturday you'll be bothered about almost everything your partner does, despite them not doing things any differently to what they usually do. Before you mess up all the way, make sure you're not mixing in reality and fiction.

If you're single, your family will notice something's going wrong, and they'll want to make sure you're doing well. Let them love and cuddle you in.

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You'll see some nerve-wracking situations  at work, and you don't know whether you should turn around and look elsewhere, or tell your managers about it.

Keep in mind that every company has their own set of rules to follow. It might be better off in the long run to follow the first choice and look elsewhere, because you're not the one who's doing wrong anyway. Besides, there's colleagues that you should get along with.

Take a good look at where your belongings stand, because there's quite a lot of long hands out there (and they love to come out and play when crisis points hit). Be extremely cautious when you're out to avoid being a victim of theft.


As the weekend comes in, you're starting to feel older. You should admit to the fact that you feel scared about growing old, not just physically but mentally too. Your eyes aren't the same, and your memory isn't either.

Do you have an artsy side? Then, you might want to consider learning to play a musical instrument. It'll help your grey matter get into motion, and you'll channel your stress too.

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