Cancer Horoscope Monday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, July 27, 2020: Park off your car and keep walking

You'll analyse what you've got in your life at the moment


Cancer, someone waltzed their way into your life with some strong moves, so much so that they can make your foundations crumble and even crash down.

You'll have a reflection-prone Monday, and you'll analyse what you've got in your life at the moment and what you want to get. Here's some advice: it won't do you good to mix up love with business, not even for short-lived endeavours.

If you're still single, you've got free range to follow your heart's desires; your sixth sense will tell you how much of a fit you make, and whether something durable could come from your meet-ups, or if the story won't end well at all.

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Mercury, the planet named after the god of commerce, guarantees that you'll see great satisfaction in your business. You'll get back in touch with old contacts, you'll manage to get the support of powerful individuals, and create a contact network filled to the brim with loyalty.

With some strategy and wisdom under your sleeve, you're bound to achieve quite decent results, and you'll force people who see you as competition to admire you.

Watch your abilities to differentiate truth from fiction; be careful and don't get fooled by any false distractions, because your subjective perception could severely differ from reality.

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Your dating book is making you go out a lot and attend dinners and lunches where calories reign free. It'll be hard for you to find a good method that combines a healthy diet, a focus on health and the pleasures of food.

When you go out, hold back from grabbing your car or the nearest form of public transport; try to walk everywhere, and if your steps are quick, even better.