Cancer Saturday on a night sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, February 27, 2021: Avoid clashing if you want to win the war

There'll be a special bond for many of you


Cancer, your Saturday is going to be magical.  There'll be a special bond for many of you if you're in a relationship. The universe will make your charm multiply, and you'll be more than willing to make the other person happy. You'll remain alert for their suggestions and you'll try to make them happen.

You'll do anything you can to make happiness take over the general environment, because there's no such thing as impossible for you. In some homes, there'll be discussions on the subject of family growing, perhaps through adoption.

And if you're single, the stars see that you've got a thirst for conquest and fun. You see romance as something temporary right now on your mind, but your heart could surprise you by getting intense around someone special.

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Use the day to do some studying (or improve your professional skills in general). In the same way, take a closer look at the company that called you up in case you've got a job interview to attend. The job will be yours if you just prepare a little more.

Read on the company, see how their employees dress to wear something appropriate, and use non-verbal communication to convince them you're the right person for their team.

There might be tension in your life if you have to negotiate conditions for an inheritance with your family members. Avoid clashing if you want to win the war.


Just because the weekend's already here and you're feeling in shape doesn't mean you can neglect your workout routines.  Avoid making up excuses and head into the gym just like you do every day.

Health is a long-distance race, so don't see it as something fixed in place. Perhaps you might feel great today, but if you don't take care of yourself, tomorrow you could feel worse than ever.

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