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Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, December 27, 2020: Get your inner child back for good

You're actually looking forward to having some human contact


Cancer, there's no more currents dragging you  over to a more individualistic self. You're actually looking forward to having some human contact and connecting with the universe. This Sunday, you'll let yourself be loved and take down that wall that sometimes makes you look cold and surly.

Over the last few weeks, you've experienced several mood swings, but you managed to send away those inner demons that dragged you down into the dark and held you back from loving yourself right. Besides that, you'll learn to forgive your mistakes.

If you're single, your excitement and hopes will come back and rescue the child you used to see inside. You'll await the arrival of a new romantic partner with your arms wide open.

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Issues at work won't go too well.  By accident, you'll find out some controversial information related to your field of expertise, and that information will make you change your mind about colleagues that were using and abusing you in some way.

Now you realise that your goodwill is a double-edged sword, and if you don't wake up and smell the coffee, you could lose part of your savings in the process. Others are running the risk of bidding a final farewell to some valuable ideas you still hadn't claimed as yours.

Make yourself be heard and set straight anyone who should be put into place. Don't think about it twice, and take this lesson home: not even your shade's good enough.


Did you know that you shouldn't hold back from going to the restroom if you need to? Head into it whenever your body feels like it. You'll save yourself from prospective infections, or several kinds of malfunctions in your excretive system.

Sometimes shyness stops you from using the restroom when you're not at home (at work, whenever you're visiting someone...), but the only choice you've got is to fight that impulse to stay put.

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