Cancer Horoscope Thursday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, August 27, 2020: You'll easily slip into sound mistakes

Listen to your heart before you open up your mouth


Cancer, your professional interests will clash with your family duties and responsibility to your partner. It'll be real hard for you to arrange your schedule to tend to everyone's business, and in many cases, this rearranging won't be able to happen.

You need to work on intimacy with your partner. You're surrounded by people too often (such as your kids), and you can't find a way to unleash your seduction and passionate generosity. Why not set up a second honeymoon over the weekend?

If you're single, the stars encourage you to be honest. Listen to your heart before you open up your mouth and spill out quick promises of love.

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It's easy for you to slip into sound mistakes today. That's why you don't have any other choice but to stay alert and inquisitive, analysing every single detail. Besides, you should know that the walls will have eyes and ears, and if you mess up, it'll eventually come out under the spotlight.

You'll be more skilled, however, at handling your personal finances. You'll know how to make some budget cuts on basic expenses you hadn't considered up to now. You'll feel like money's lasting longer than ever before (perhaps because you've given up on your expensive tastes).

Here's some advice: don't hop on trains whose destination isn't that appealing to you. Just because your friends or family are going on a trip doesn't mean you're forced to go along. Live your own life and don't waste time in explaining yourself when not many people are willing to listen.

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Your willpower's pretty light as of now;  if you're on a diet, you'll cling to any situation you can find to eat what isn't good for you.

Be more objective when it comes to your health. You've got certain habits ingrained because they're part of your routine, but you don't even stop to think if they are actually scientifically backed up or not. In some cases, you could even be creating the opposite effect to what you want.