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Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, January 26, 2021: Your humour will help someone who's down

Your sixth sense helps you spot any wolves in sheepskin


Cancer, you can read in between the lines.  Your sixth sense helps you spot any wolves in sheepskin, those people who come closer with dark intentions all shrouded up in goodwill and beautiful words.

Despite this, you won't appreciate as much some individuals with a golden heart, but whose looks don't exactly fit your beauty standards.

As far as married couples go, there's love tests coming on, because both you and your partner will put one another to the test. You've got some doubts to clear off, and remember that a promise of change is no good. You need to prove yourself with facts and actions.

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You'll be quite solicited by everyone around you. During your work day, there'll be a constant pause here and there, and your colleagues will want to have your opinion or knowledge on something. With all this hustle, it'll be impossible for you to focus, and you could even make mistakes in your assigned duties.

Don't despair, this is just temporary. You can rest assured. Repress your fury and diminish it until it fades away on its own.

Those of you who are highly skilled in the arts and can't make a fortune out of it should create a brand through social networks. You can find people who get really interested in your creations there.


You've got a great talent at listening and absorbing advice that you get about health and wellness. You'd like to make some change happen, but you should be mistrusting towards some of the proposals that come your way.

During the day you'll also enjoy a good dose of humour, which you'll hand over to your friends. You'll help someone who's down get their pink shades on and see life under a brighter light.

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